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Curriculum developments and the Covid-19 pandemic have affected all aspects of citizens' lives, including in the field of education. The unexpected situation in the form of a pandemic forced the world of education to take innovations and take appropriate steps to maintain the quality of education. One of the policies implemented in dealing with this pandemic is distance learning or also known as online learning. Online learning itself presents challenges to the world of education, so that all components involved in the education system try to adapt and innovate. Various kinds of research and development are carried out to maintain the quality of learning. The objectives to be achieved in this research are: 1) Identifying the syntax of the citizenship learning practice model in online learning for Civics subjects; 2) Formulate techniques for developing models of citizenship learning practices in online learning for Civics subjects. The type of research used is a development type with a 4D development model (Four D Models). The 4-D development model design includes defining, designing, developing and disseminating. The results of this research are an analysis of FGD syntax in Civics Learning Practices which generally consists of preparation, implementation and evaluation of FGDs.

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